Monday, 10 May 2010

Colour Gels

I used coloured acetate, to cover the lights with. In this photo i have used blue and red as they are opposite. I made sure the camera was adjusted right, exposure etc, making the silhouettes would be as clear and obvious as possible. I wanted my silhouette to be full of shapes, or different, so I used the model in the pic to hold a bunch of flowers (lily's) to make it more interesting.

White balance

I opened this photo of mine, in Photoshop. i then went to image/adjustments/levels. In levels, you have a choice to use the white dropper or black, i used the black as it was easier to identify the darkest part in the photo, which is her heels. that made it level and more accurate in use of colours and lighting.

i also added a personal touch by adjusting the saturation by 7, and contrast by 9; these are found in image (the same way as levels)